Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-Up Premium

At the end of the last academic year the Government announced a ‘COVID Catch-Up’ fund to help those pupils adversely affected by school closures and the impact of COVID-19. 

Total COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium allocated to Horsmonden Primary Academy: £6,758

Priority: Enhanced delivery of the blended learning strategy

Year Group: Year 6 for September and then Year 5 and Year 4

Lead(s): Principal and Vice Principal

Strategic Intervention: Trust Chromebook Scheme

Intended Outcomes:

Embedding the Blended Learning Strategy across the Academy to include:

  • Access to remote education if required
  • Blended learning approaches across the curriculum allowing children to access learning at their own pace, with accessibility features to support their learning
  • To develop efficient IT skills and working practices to enhance all areas of learning

RAG Rating (April 2021):

RAG Rating (July 2021):

Priority: Exceptional delivery, through the PYP framework of the Recovery Curriculum

Year Group: All Year Groups

Lead(s): All

Strategic Intervention: Teaching and Learning focus for all staff

Intended Outcomes:

Quality First Teaching and targeted curriculum planning. Children to complete baseline assessments. Teachers use assessments to ensure lost learning is recovered and gaps are closed quickly.

RAG Rating (April 2021):

RAG Rating (July 2021):