End of Year Update

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Dear Parents,

What an emotional start to the day we had this morning with the Year 6 Leavers Assembly. They began by sharing their memories of their time at Horsmonden, mostly about Mr Mitchell not adopting a goat, before moving on to sharing songs from their residential and their production of Pirates of the Curry Bean. They spoke clearly and confidently, pushing aside their feelings of sadness and showing resilience and courage. They are a special group of children that will be missed by all the staff at Horsmonden, especially Mr Mitchell and Mrs Nicholls who have worked with them for the last two years. I wish them all every success at their new schools and hope they keep in touch!

KS2 Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)

At the end of key stage 2, in Year 6, children take national curriculum tests in English grammar, punctuation and spelling, English reading and mathematics. The tests help measure the progress children have made and identify if they need additional support in a certain area when moving onto secondary school.

The tests are also used to assess schools’ performance and to produce national performance data. Below you will find our results, the first in 3 years, and I’m thrilled to draw your attention to how far above national performance data we are.

% achieving expected standard and above in Reading, Writing & Maths Combined

  • National Average 2022: 59
  • Horsmonden 2022: 76

% achieving higher standard in Reading, Writing & Maths Combined

  • National Average 2022: n/a
  • Horsmonden 2022: 10

% achieving expected and above in Reading

  • National Average 2022: 74
  • Horsmonden 2022: 90

% achieving higher standard in Reading

  • National Average 2022: n/a
  • Horsmonden 2022: 48

% achieving expected and above in Writing

  • National Average 2022: 69
  • Horsmonden 2022: 76

% achieving higher standard in Writing

  • National Average 2022: n/a
  • Horsmonden 2022: 19

% achieving expected and above in Maths

  • National Average 2022: 71
  • Horsmonden 2022: 81

% achieving higher standard in Maths

  • National Average 2022: n/a
  • Horsmonden 2022: 24


By now you will have all received your child’s end of year report explaining their attainment in English and Maths. Teachers will provide you with an update on your child’s attainment and progress in these areas at parent consultation meetings in November.

Digital Strategy

To complete the rollout of devices across the school, an additional 30 Ipads will be delivered ready for use in September by children in EYFS. This will mean every child has access to a 1:1 device. Year 2 to Year 6 have Chromebooks and children in EYFS and Year 1 will have Ipads. The devices are used to enhance learning, not to replace reading and writing in books. Teachers use a blended approach to ensure there is a balance between using devices safely and efficiently, and the more traditional methods.

MyChildAtSchool App

By now, all parents have received an invitation code to sign up for MCAS (MyChildAtSchool).

Thank you to those who have already downloaded the app and signed up. Below is a reminder of where to find the app:

MyChildAtSchool – Parent App

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bromcom.mcas&hl=en_GB&gl=US – Android

https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/mychildatschool/id1394575255 – Apple

MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) is a communication platform that links directly to our Management Information Software (Bromcom) and helps us to quickly send letters/reminders straight to parents via the app. It also allows parents to see their child’s attendance in real time, helping to keep track of attendance throughout the year.

In the Autumn term, we will move away from Parent Pay and use MCAS for payments of trips, clubs, lunches etc. so it is important that all parents download the app and start to use it ready for the change. More details will follow about this in September.

Using the MCAS app in full will mean parents have everything in one place, rather than having two separate systems for communication and payments. The fact that it links directly with our system also means parents can update contact details on the app making sure everything is always up to date.

Breakfast and After School Club

Numbers for Breakfast and Afterschool Club are increasing gradually and children who attend are enjoying the new snacks on offer. As a reminder, please see below for session prices and timings.

Breakfast Club

  • Drop off time from 7:45am (Breakfast included), £3.50 per session

After School Club

  • Finish time of 5:30pm (Snack provided); until 4:20pm – £3.00, from 4:20pm – 5:30pm – £3.50, until 5:30pm – £6.50

Curricular Clubs

Our range of school run curricular clubs will start again week beginning 12th September and more details will follow on these in September.


Children should be in school every day unless they are too ill, attendance is mandatory, as set out by the Department of Education. We have high expectations of behaviour, learning and attendance at Horsmonden and will use the full extent of our Attendance Policy to support this.

Parents should aim for 100% attendance for their children. When children are not in school regularly it not only affects their learning, but also their behaviour, routines and ability to make and retain friends. We often find that those children that have friendship issues are the same children who have poor attendance. There is also a direct correlation between attendance and attainment. Children have missed out on too much education over the last couple of years and I am asking for your support in ensuring your children are in school every day.

Attendance will continue to be monitored next year, which includes the involvement of other agencies and the issuing of penalty notices to ensure all children have the best possible chance of being successful at Horsmonden.

Summer Projects

Further to my previous communication regarding the new EYFS outdoor area and front entrance, I’m pleased to say it is going ahead as planned and I look forward to sharing an update with you in due course.

We’ve had a fantastic, full year in school with lots to celebrate and I am already making plans to continue to build on our successes next year. I hope you all have a wonderful summer with your families and I look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Kind Regards,

Hayley Sharp


2022/23 Diary Dates

  • Thursday 1st September 2022 – Start of Term 1 for all children
  • Wednesday 19th October 2022 – FoHPS Bangers and Bingo
  • Friday 21st October 2022 – End of Term 1

For 2022-2023 term dates please see our website here.