Open Morning Success!

A young boy and girl are shown smiling whilst standing by a set of double doors during an Open Morning in November 2022.

It was lovely to meet so many new faces at our Open Morning today.

If you couldn’t make it, contact the school office for a personalised tour or drop in at our next Open Morning on Tuesday 6th December between 9.30 and 11.30.

A young girl is seen writing letters on a sheet of paper with a smile on her face during an academy Open Morning event.
A young boy can be seen playing with multi-coloured blocks in a plastic tub, outside on the school playground.
A young boy and girl are shown speaking with one another. The girl is inside a wooden shelter, looking out of the window at the boy.
Two young girls and a boy are seen sitting down in an alcove area in a classroom, using tablet computers.
A girl is shown pressing down a piece of card on a tray of red paint during an Art class.
A group of six pupils are seen sitting around a table, drawing and painting with the assistance of a member of staff.