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Dear Parents,

Forest School Development

The forest school area is developing nicely and we are thankful for those of you that donated your Christmas trees to be chipped for the forest floor. Mrs Radford and Mrs Turvey are really driving this project forward and have even roped their husbands in to help! Both have donated their time and skills to prepare, landscape and fence the area. As part of the Forest School Leader training, Mrs Turvey and Mrs Radford will soon commence a ‘pilot’ forest school to ensure they are ready and fully trained for the grand opening in September!

Photo showing the development of the Forest School at Horsmonden Primary Academy.
Photo showing the development of the Forest School at Horsmonden Primary Academy.

Musical Instruments

We are all extremely grateful to FoHPS who recently spent £700 on new percussion instruments for the school. They are already being put to good use by Miss McCulloch, our music lead, with her Year 1 class. Thank you to all of you who contribute to FoHPS events. It’s important to remember that the FoHPS team works hard to raise much needed funds that go straight towards providing resources/experiences that all children at Horsmonden benefit from.

Photo of Horsmonden pupils playing musical instruments together.
Photo of Horsmonden pupils playing musical instruments together.

Facebook and Website

For regular updates about what is going in the classrooms, please visit our Facebook page:

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The number of COVID cases within our school community is on the rise once again and I am in contact with the UK Health Security Agency for advice. If they recommend additional action be taken, I will update you accordingly. 

Due to the number of cases rising, it is imperative that children are tested at least twice weekly using a LFD, even if they have had COVID within the last 90 days. Ideally, children should be tested every day.  If the result is positive, they should self isolate immediately. From day 5 of isolation they can begin testing using a LFD. If a negative result is obtained on both days 5 and 6 they can return to school. 

Please note that it is only the child with a positive result that must isolate and the rest of their household, including any siblings, should continue to attend work/school as normal and test using a LFD daily. Absence from school will only be authorised if a child is too unwell to attend or has tested positive for COVID and is isolating. 

Unauthorised absence totalling more than 10 sessions (5 days, not necessarily consecutive) could result in a Penalty Notice being requested from the Local Authority. 

If you are concerned about your child’s attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 

Kind Regards,

Hayley Sharp

PS – see below for diary dates

2021-22 Diary Dates

Term 3

  • Thursday 10th February – FoHPS Valentine’s Disco; End of Term 3 for children
  • Friday 11th February – INSET Day for children

Term 4

  • Monday 21st February – Start of Term 4
  • Monday 14th March – Class Photos – Profiles Photography
  • Tuesday 29th March – Parent Consultations – 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 30th March – Parent Consultations – 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Thursday 31st March – FoHPS Easter Egg Hunt
  • Friday 1st April – End of Term 4

Term 5

  • Tuesday 19th April – Start of Term 5
  • Friday 27th May – End of Term 5

Term 6

  • Monday 6th June – Start of Term 6
  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th June – Year 6 Residential to Windmill Hill
  • Thursday 14th July – FoHPS Summer Disco
  • Friday 22nd July – End of Term 6