Parent Update (3rd July 2023)

A girl smiling at the camera while writing on a whiteboard.

Dear Parents 

As we near the end of this academic year, teachers are busy finalising end of year reports for each child. This year, reports will be sent to parents electronically via the MCAS app. They will be uploaded to a new section of MCAS called ‘Reports’ by the end of the day on Tuesday 11th July. Your child’s end of year report will feature written commentary on their ability in Reading, Writing, Maths, as well as comments about their learner profile and the inquiries covered this year. 

Parents with children in EYFS will be informed whether their child is ‘Emerging’ or ‘Expected’ in each of the 7 areas of learning.



Children are working towards the expected level for their age

Children are working at the expected level for their age

Parents with children in Year 1 – Year 6 will be informed whether their child is ‘Working Towards’, ‘At Age Expected’, or ‘Greater Depth’.

Working Towards

At age Expected

Greater Depth

Children are working towards the expected level for their age

Children are working at the expected level for their age

Children are working above the expected level for their age

Parents of children in Year 1 and Year 6 will also receive the results of their national assessments. Year 1 parents will be told what their child’s score in the phonics screening check was and Year 6 parents will be told their child’s SATs results in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Please note that this information will also be added to the ‘Reports’ section of MCAS, but may not arrive at the same time as the end of year reports from teachers. 

Reports will be uploaded to MCAS by the end of the school day on Tuesday 11th July. 

Parents will have the opportunity to discuss the content of their child’s report during our Optional Parent Consultations on Thursday 13th July between 3:30pm-5pm. These are optional and any parents wishing to speak to their child’s class teacher can drop in between those times, no appointment is necessary. Please note that for parents with children in Year 1, the Optional Parent Consultations will be held on Monday 17th July between 3:30pm and 5pm, and not on Thursday 13th July with all other year groups. 

Projects – allotment and pond

I am pleased to announce that after a delayed start, work has now commenced on clearing the old swimming pool ready for our allotment beds to be constructed. Work has also begun on creating our new pond which is being funded largely by previous Year 6 legacies, as well as donations from our current Year 6. Neither of these projects would be possible, without significant investment from the Trust, as the money from Year 6 legacies, just isn’t enough. 

Having an allotment and pond will add to our outdoor learning offer and I am so grateful to Mrs Baxter-Smith who enlisted the help of Camillia Taylor, from The Garden Taylor, to help with the pond design. We are so fortunate to have someone on board with such a wealth of experience of garden and landscape design who has just won Silver Gilt at the Chelsea Flower Show! 

Project – playground update and Super Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd July, 9:30am)

The big project for FoHPS at the moment is the ongoing improvements to the playground. The plan is to add a selection of outdoor gym equipment secured to an all weather surface, meaning it can be used all year round, by children of all ages. The equipment will keep everyone active at playtimes and lunchtimes, as well as adding to our provision during PE lessons. The outdoor gym represents a significant investment in the continued development of the playground by FoHPS. 

We are hoping the work will start during our Inset Days and will be completed in early September. In order to prepare the ground ready for the new flooring and equipment to be installed, FoHPS are kindly asking for volunteers to help on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July from 9:30am. The plan is to remove the large mound of earth next to the existing play frame, leaving it fairly flat for the new equipment to be installed onto.  

FoHPS have hired a digger and dumper truck and have sourced some willing operators, but still need more volunteers with spades and wheelbarrows! If you are able to join us from 9:30am on Saturday 22nd July or Sunday 23rd July, please email the FoHPS Committee on so they can get an idea of numbers and organise some light refreshments for the workers. 


Thank you to those parents who have supported us again, by ensuring your child is in school every day and doesn’t take time off unnecessarily. Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards

Hayley Sharp

2022-2023 Diary Dates

Tuesday 11th July

End of year reports to parents

Tuesday 11th July
3:30pm – 5pm

FoHPS End of Year Disco

Wednesday 12th July

LAT Kwik Cricket Competition (selected children)

Thursday 13th July
3:30pm – 5pm

Optional parent consultations to discuss reports (years 2 – 6)

Thursday 13th – Friday 14th July

Year 6 Bikeability (second group)

Friday 14th July

Moving Up Morning

Monday 17th July

Music Concert for parents of children taught by Katie Slowgrove

Monday 17th July
3:30pm – 5pm

Optional parent consultations to discuss reports (year 1)

Wednesday 19th July
1:45pm – 5:30pm

Year 6 Production

Thursday 20th July

Rocksteady Concert for parents of children who attend Rocksteady lessons

Friday 21st July

Leavers’ Assembly for parents with children in year 6

Friday 21st July

End of term 6

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd July

FoHPS Super Saturday
Volunteers needed with spades and wheelbarrows

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