Year 6 Adventure Days

A group of pupils are pictured sitting on the rafts they have made, holding their oars in their hands.

As part of celebrating the end of their time at primary school, Year 6 took part in 2 outdoor and adventurous activity days at Bewl Water and Go Ape.

Bewl Water

At Bewl Water children were challenged to use their collaboration and communication  skills to build a raft and sail it on the reservoir. It’s safe to say that out of the 3 teams, 2 did better than the other! 

2 groups set sail beautifully and went out into the deep, while 1 barely made it off the shore line without the help of one of the instructors! Of course the group in question blamed the tools and not the workmanship! 

When all rafts were afloat and sailing, children were then challenged to stand up, sit down and sing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ all without falling in! 

After lunch children took part in a challenge course complete with a low ropes course and a series of team building challenges. Again, children needed to communicate and collaborate well to achieve each task.

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Go Ape

Before embarking on the high ropes challenge course, children took part in an outdoor escape room where they had to free the monkeys! The task required logical thinking, teamwork and impeccable communication. All of which was achieved because both groups managed to free the monkeys from capture! 

The high ropes course really challenged their determination and perseverance especially in those children with a fear of heights. Pleasingly, all the children tried their best and some even surprised themselves! 

Overall children were well behaved, worked well in their groups and most importantly had a fantastic time together while making memories that will last a lifetime.

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