Year 6 End of Year Arrangements

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Dear Parents/Carers,

As we approach the end of the year I want to take the time to celebrate Year 6. Despite their last two years at primary being clouded by COVID it is important to remember the positives and how much they’ve done during their last year here. 

They may not have been on a residential trip over the last couple of years, but they certainly made up for it on their adventure days to Bewl Water and Go Ape recently. All children challenged themselves to try new things and worked together to achieve their goals. I was proud to take them out of school and I really enjoyed spending time with them on both trips. They were well behaved and a credit to you!

To give the children more responsibility and prepare them for being more independent at their next schools, they were set a few challenges:

  1. Organise, resource and run their own summer fete stalls. This was a brilliant event, enjoyed by all children at Horsmonden and definitely something I will repeat next year. Your children worked hard together in groups and were excellent role models on the day. 
  2. Organise a COVID-secure Sports Day for KS2 children. The event may not have been attended by parents this year, but I can safely say that you would have been proud of them. They planned the races, organised the equipment and supported the younger children by cheering and celebrating their achievements. 
  3. Teach the youngest children in the school about our Learner Profile Attributes. Year 6 really showed how kind and caring they can be during this challenge. They created stories or videos aimed at 5 year olds and all children in Reception looked up to them and learned a lot that day! 

More recently, the Head and Deputy Boys and Girls, as well as some others, were given the extremely important task of touring some new parents around the school by appointment. Feedback from the visitors was that they were informative, knowledgeable and extremely responsible and personable. Again, something to be proud of. 

Currently, the Year 6 production is being filmed ready for release next week. They have had a few wobbles about it over the last few weeks and made the decision as a class to not perform it in front of a live audience even though COVID restrictions are due to be lifted. There are some very sensitive souls in the class and they’re just not up to performing live, plus they really don’t want to. 

Looking forward to next week, there are now some further exciting events planned: water fight, shirt signing, Year 6 Leavers Disco and Year 6 Leavers Assembly. 

The water fight will take place during the school day on Tuesday. Please provide children with a set of clothes complete with spare underwear, a towel and water gun, if they have one. 

The Year 6 disco has been organised very kindly by FoHPS and will give the children the opportunity to let their hair down and party with their friends before saying goodbye. I know that Mrs Castro-Edwards has been busy coordinating decorations etc, to make the party special, so thank you to everyone involved in that. It will be on Tuesday, 4pm-5:30pm. Children will go home as normal at the end of the school day and should return ready for the disco at 4:00pm. They are welcome to bring £2 – £3 as the ice cream van will be visiting the school car park. All children should be collected by an adult at 5:30pm from the main entrance.  

On the last day of term children can wear home clothes if they wish to. This will enable them to bring in their school shirt to be signed by their friends. 

The Leavers Assembly will be held on Wednesday at 2pm and parents are welcome to attend. Parents should wear face coverings at all times while on site. After the assembly, parents can wait outside for children to allow them to go and collect their belongings from their classroom. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Kind Regards,

Hayley Sharp